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Brighthouse vs. AT&T Uverse

Here it is, the battle of the big uglies! We decided to give AT&T Uverse a try as it was a new offering in our area. Previously I had been very happy with DirecTV, but we needed more than one HD signal in the house. We decided to venture in to the AT&T Uverse.

It wasn’t long after that we discovered all was not what we had hoped. Almost immediately we notice pixelation and freezing. On multiple occasions we would have to reboot a few of the boxes as we would have sound, but no picture. A few months prior AT&T dug up sections of our yard to lay new cable. Despite this, we suffered from poor picture quality and noise on the line. Internet through Uverse suffered as well as we often had lag when trying to navigate to sites.

So where does that leave me now? As of this morning, I just had Brighthouse installed. Immediately the picture is better and the internet is back to the normal responsiveness I am accustomed to. I have had prior serious customer service issue with Brighthouse in the past, but I’m giving them a second chance. Hopefully this time around will be much better. So far…so good.



  1. u should go to uverseusers.com and tell them about uverse.

  2. Having had Comcast prior to AT&T UVerse, things could only get better for me. We have had nothing but great success with UVerse and I cannot se going back to a regular cable subscription ever again. Sorry you had issues.

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